An International Sports News Platform

A recent client wanted to make roller-hockey news, videos, games, schedules, results and league standings more easily accessible online.

We were brought on board to design the platform from the ground up. To do so, we used a number of languages and platforms like:


A Fluid and Intuitive User Experience

Users have different interests and ways of using websites. To best engage with them we developed a coherent and simple site-wide structure and language.


Minimal Menus

Despite the site’s many features and levels, we were able to make 90% accessible through two simple collapsible menus which also serve as signposts.


Flexible Use Paths

While still offering multiple routes and choice paths on the page itself, so users can navigate the site in their own way.


Intentional User Flow

This creates a better use flow, greater engagement, and, as visitors stick around longer, more opportunities to nudge them towards becoming paying customers.

A Tailor-Made Dashboard

Custom-built platforms offer many opportunities to simplify and speed up procedures. Our content management ecosystem gave our client:


An intuitive admin dashboard

that puts what they need front and center while not cluttering their view with unnecessary and unused features.


Specialized content features

(e.g. articles, results, and game videos) that automatically format content so they need not worry about layout.


An idiot-proofed system

so absent-minded employees don’t accidentally break the platform.

In this way, our client can focus on what matters: Creating outstanding content for their customers.


User-Decisions and Game-Data Cascades

More is not better when the things that's growing is the time spent on administration. That’s why every time we added a new feature we also developed new ways for information to flow across them.


Admins Manage Clubs, Leagues and Regions

Just like on the front end, clubs, leagues and regions form the linchpins that tie all other content together. All three can be managed from the dashboard with changes automatically updating across the site.


Scheduled Games become Results

As scheduled games come into the present they are automatically transformed into results. The client only needs to provide the scores.


Live Streams Connected to Games

Game streams can be planned for specific times, at which point the platform makes them available to viewers.


Results populate league tables

Client-provided league game results flows across to the correct league table and automatically update it as well.


Data Organised from Various Perspectives

Data gets sorted based on how it’s consulted. For example, scheduled games and results can be viewed based on country, league or participating club.

An Integrated, Easy-to-use, Secure Payment System

A business is only as good as its income stream. To help our client boost theirs, we:


Integrated subscription plans and the payment system

thereby lowering the threshold to purchase.


Enhanced site security

by integrating the highly-respected Stripe payment system.


Reduced our client’s liability

by making sure the system satisfies legal requirements of a broad range of international markets.

All this reduced barriers to entry and increased revenue flows for our client. Even better, as they expand into new markets, they can be confident their payment system will continue to function.


An Intimate Feedback Loop

Of course, all these features are only worthwhile if they meet our client’s needs. That’s why, besides being in regular communication with them, we:


Created space for our client’s vision to flourish

As the project grows a client's vision often does as well. We made sure we always left enough space and flexibility to accommodate this.


Worked to anticipate our client’s needs

Nor did only the client's vision evolve. As we engaged with the project, our own growing insight also revealed many unrealized opportunities. Whenever that happened, we always made sure to offer and implement these.


Put the Client First

One thing that didn't change and we didn't lose sight of was that ultimately, the application belongs to the client and that the true measure of its success was their satisfaction .

In this way, we could be sure that the platform we built met the needs and wants of our client.


How was it received?

Our client was so happy with what we built that upon completion, they immediately decided to continue with the project by:


Expanding Funding

They Earmarked additional funds for a second phase so we can add yet more functionality to the roller hockey website.


Envisioning New Opportunities

After the success of this first phase, their vision has grown from one sport site into many, with these other sites built by us along the same lines.


Getting us involved in other projects

They have pushed us as their personal developers of choice in the other projects that they are a part of.

Visionen, technisches Know-How und Kreativität sind dank The Riptide garantiert. Die Bedürfnisse werden aufgenommen, ständig nachgefragt und am Ende zur vollsten Zufriedenheit umgesetzt. Wir arbeiten gerne mit diesem genialen Team und können The Riptide nur weiterempfehlen.

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