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The internet drives innovation. But without a sound platform, your business is resigned to the back seat. Bring us on board to propel you to the digital frontier’s cutting edge.
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The internet offers a wealth of untapped potential for your business. How will you harness it? With our intuitive custom-built digital products, you can take your business online and go global. Create, develop, market, sell, manage and monitor your products and services on our dynamic web platforms, hassle‑free.
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The One-Stop Digital Workshop.

The Riptide’s tight-knit team has the a-to-z of visualizing, developing, and managing your web application covered. With our design chops and coding know-how we can turn your vision into a digital product that flows, glows and purrs. Then, post launch, we’ll use our webspertise to support you with analytics, content, and communications. Reap the full benefit of your digital product.
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Web Application Development

We build browser-based web applications that store, organize, act on and extract value from the data your company collects. In this way, you'll be better informed, see opportunities more quickly and can take more decisive action. Even better, because we design and build from scratch, we're able to realise your vision precisely—and take it further than you could have imagined.

Brand Development

Our brand-building service encompasses everything from the typography and color of your print materials, to the structure and image-use on your website, and even goes as far as harmonising the tone of your written material and videos. You'll receive a range of brand tools for easy-reference, so that your brand stays consistent, and can easily be refined as your business continues to evolve. In this way, we'll help you build a brand that inspires trust and signals quality for years to come.

Content Writing

Words form the foundation of who we are and what we do. They help us educate, inform, convince, exchange and engage. They can inspire confidence and trust or provoke scepticism and doubt. In which direction do the words on your website and used within your company lean? Let us loose on your written material, website, newsletter, packaging, and advertising, and we'll tip the scales in your favor.

Graphic Design

If you can achieve zen-like clarity in your visuals, presentations and pitches, not only your audience, but your bottomline will thank you. Because no matter how valuable your insights are or how good your product is, if your design is convoluted your audience will never know. That's how graphic design can make the difference between making a sale or losing a customer. Let us build you a visual language that will enable instead of irritate, and inspire instead of obfuscate.

Web-Based Admin Systems

There are plenty of tools and software packages out there to help you streamline your work process, but because your business is so unique, it often feels like you're hammering a square peg into a round hole. They don't have the features you do need, complicate their layout with other features you don't and don't integrate well with your existing systems. So why not let us build you a custom system that helps you and your team do what you do best more effectively? You'll be surprised by the possibilities.

Website Consulting

Are you struggling to focus and hone your website? Bring us on board to crystalize your website's fundamental goals, target-audience, and monetization strategy. We can also help you find an existing site's problems and pain-points, as well as analyse its hierarchy, layout and branding. In this way, we can identify the next steps necessary to take your website up a notch (or five) and create an action plan to help you do so.

Website Design

Your website is how your online audience makes up their mind about who you are. Yet, between the average home-made rickety website, and one that blows your audience away, lies an abyss. Let us bridge it for you. Our websites look fantastic, are easy to update and upgrade, search-engine-friendly, a breeze for users to operate and successfully convert visitors into customers.
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Vision, technical know-how and creativity are guaranteed thanks to The Riptide...

Our needs were recorded, constantly inquired about and finally implemented to our complete satisfaction. We enjoy working with this brilliant team and can only recommend The Riptide.

Simon von Allmen

Founder of Para News and RH News, and owner of Sportcom Solutions

Our toolkit: the TALL stack

For those who want a look under the hood, here's the full technical stack we use to make our websites. With these technologies, we've developed an efficient and modern workflow.

Tailwind revolutionizes CSS. Instead of having to work with complicated CSS files, we write it straight into the HTML. Sound like blasphemy? Revolutionary ideas often do.

Tailwind fundamentally changes CSS, and by extension, website development. It’s not just sped up our development, but made it a breeze to update and modify existing projects as well. We’d never go back.

Alpine is a rugged, minimal tool for composing behavior directly in your markup. Think of it like jQuery for the modern web. We simply plop in a script tag and get going.

Sound a bit like Tailwind? That’s because that’s where they got their inspiration from. And with good reason, because it’s just as revolutionary for Javascript as Tailwind is for CSS. Write your javascript where it happens—the efficiency gains are stupendous.

Laravel is an open source web application framework based on PHP with expressive, elegant syntax. This groundbreaking platform offers many out-of-the-box features that make it highly powerful, flexible and secure. As a result, we can build almost anything, be it a marketing website, a data-management platform, or an ecommerce app.

What's more, the incredibly active community and outstanding documentation means that even entirely novel requirements are often easy to satisfy. This means that even a small team like ours can tackle whatever you throw our way with a minimum of fuss and to the highest standards.

Livewire is a full-stack framework that bridges the back and the front; allowing you to write Javascript-like functionality using PHP. It was built specifically for Laravel and means we can build dynamic web interfaces at warp speed, and as flexibly as bamboo.

This means more responsive and flexible design: for your website’s front side, and your site-management dashboard too.

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