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Gotcourts League

The prominent Swiss tennis app Got Courts League has just entered its second year and we're proud to be a part of it!

Working to the exacting specifications of our clients, we've created the official marketing website to announce and share all of the developments and offers available to potential customers.

As the league itself develops, so does the site. And we don't just mean in terms of content! We're also constantly working to upgrade and improve the functionality and experience of our client and administrators. The site is multi-lingual, fully dynamic, and incorporates front-end editing. We were responsible for and extensively involved in crafting the key illustrations for the site and brand.

It makes use of Voucherify and Stripe Checkout to accept payments and vouchers.

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Cyclotour du Léman

The first marketing site by The Riptide, Cyclotour du Léman celebrates one of the most iconic bicycle races in all of Europe. This gave us a lot of great imagery to work with, which we worked hard to incorporate into the site.

The result? Since the site's launch, the event has sold out each time it was held - even during covid!

The site makes use of our company-built translation and inline editing software to enable our clients to easily modify the platform to suit their audience's needs.

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web applications


The Para News website offers news of the sports, events, results, videos, and athletes of the para-sport world. By embracing far more javascript than on previous projects, we've made it far easier to access and filter data even while we cut down on page refreshes. As a result, the site feels more fluid and modern than previous projects.

To accommodate the project, we created an entirely new dashboard where administrators can easily and intuitively create and link up content with what is already there.

We were also solely responsible for developing the visual brand, which is designed to be inclusive, inspiring, and modern.

Besides using the full TALL stack, the site also makes use of Stripe to accept credit card and SEPA payments.

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RH-News was our first fully-programmed website. In fact, we had to learn and develop a huge number of the tools needed to accommodate advanced and flexible dynamic content, such as league tables and live video

And sure, the code is not the cleanest and the layout looks a little dated. But all that is balanced out by one achievement: Despite being new to the field when we built it, the site is still up and going strong. In fact, despite the site's complexity, since launch service has been uninterrupted.

RH-News is our watershed project. It put us on the road to become full-fledged application developers, with an eye for beauty and seamless functionality.

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