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Not only do we have highly complimentary skill sets, but we get on better then peas in a pod.

Jelte ten Holt

Jelte has lived quite a colorful life so far. He - among other things - was a chief editor of an artistic network in Nicaragua, taught himself to code in the Balkans, taught English in Singapore, organized beach parties in Goa, worked as a psychologist in a British prison, was employed as a social psychology researcher at the VU in Amsterdam after getting his master degree there, and freelanced as a writer across several continents.

His range of interests is just as broad. They include logical (and illogical) systems, what enables and short circuits interaction, that which separates us and binds us together, as well as human artifacts and the human condition.

Today, together with Etienne Koch, he aims to take all of these experiences, interests and ideas, package them and offer them to you as little bundles of digital joy.

Etienne Koch

After working in the sports industry for 10 years as a graphic designer, working on such events as Switzerland’s biggest cycling event, the Tour de Suisse, Etienne decided to leave behind the office life.

He soon realized he finds real fulfillment in doing his part to make his world a better place; both through what he knows and what he can learn in the communities he visits.

In time, his thoughts congealed into a new vision for the web. Now, together with Jelte, he’s embarked on an epic voyage, combining their complementary skills and personalities to make the web a more delightful place for people…one website at a time.

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