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Concrete benefits of taking your fitness-business online.

A fitness business online? You’re right to be skeptical. But hear us out: We’ve got more for you than kooky video-call classes.

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Concrete benefits of taking your carpentry business online

True craftsmanship can’t be automated. But power tools sure make things easier! Similarly, a digital platform can revolutionize your business. Without forcing you to sacrifice your passion and quality.

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Introducing User Flow

User Flow dictates how users use your website. If you don’t keep this perspective in mind throughout the design process you risk frustrating your users. So what is this mysterious substance? Here we’ll introduce the overarching elements and some techniques to make sense of it all.

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How do you use your target audience profile?

Knowing who your target audience is is only half the story. To actually get the most out of it, we have to correctly apply this knowledge to our website. For that, we need to consider three things.

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What are your website’s goals?

A website without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder — adrift. If it doesn’t have a clear goal you don’t have a destination. And if you don’t know where you’re going, then how will you know what steps will get you there?

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What will your website’s hook be? 

What your visitors see first shapes how they think and feel about your website. And if it doesn’t enthuse or trigger them, then you’re climbing a mountain from thereon out.

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Who is your target audience?

Yes, yes. We know. You’ve heard that question a thousand times before. Couldn’t we come up with something more original? The thing is, though you might have seen the question, chances are you never really answered it.

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Why We Write Code

Some have declared Code dead. And yet, we moved away from code-free design to embrace a totally code-based process. Here we explain why.

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